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Exercise Your Right

During the summer of sport in 2012 campaigners across the UK took part in our Exercise your Right campaign to survey as many gyms, fitness centres and swimming pools as possible to see how accessible sport is, in the UK.

We ended up with more than 300 detailed surveys and personal accounts, enabling us to build a picture of access across the UK. This report brings together those surveys and combines them with helpful information, ideas and best practice to help gyms, fitness centres and swimming pools reach more disabled people.

For more information on the survey download a copy of our report.

Spread the word

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Exercise Your Right survey on access to gyms, fitness centres and swimming pools across the UK.

Now we know the results we need your help to get the message out there by sending a letter to your local gym to tell them about the report and highlight what they can do to improve and attract more disabled customers.

Below is a template letter for you to send either by email or post to your local gym. Make it your own by adding information such as (if you are a member) what works and what doesn't. If you are not a member and you'd like to find out more on what your local gym has to offer add that too.

We'd like to track the number of gyms contacted so if you could keep us updated at on where you send your letters and any feedback you receive we would really appreciate it!

If you would like any help with the letter just let us know by emailing


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